Meet the research team

Chief Investigator

Professor Stephen Sutton
Professor of Behavioural Science

Co-investigators and Researchers

Professor Simon Griffin
Professor of General Practice
Professor Toby Prevost
Visiting Professor
Imperial College London
Professor Jonathan Mant
Professor of Primary Care Research
Dr Katerina Kassavou
Research Associate

Professor Cecilia Moscolo
Professor of Mobile Systems
Professor Richard McManus
Professor of Primary Care
Dr Wendy Hardeman
Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
Dr Felix Naughton
Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
Dr Helen Eborall
Lecturer in Social Science Applied to Health
Dr Debi Bhattachrarya
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Dr Amrit Takhar
General Practitioner
Dr Kalsoom Akhtar
Research Associate
Venus Mirzaei
Research Associate

Charlotte A’Court
Research Assistant